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1.    Our Services

As an expert in the field of tiles, floors, and stairs we are your reliable partners for fulfilling your expectations and beyond, in restoration projects around the house. Furthermore, we refine your old wooden stairway with our Ultra Light Granite. We support you in planning your project, choosing the right materials and cover your floor the way you want it. We also offer renovation and sanitation on your yacht, boat and RV. Due to the flexibility of our Ultra Light Granite, we have the possibility to fulfill your every wish!

-       Consultation and Measurements

-       Ultra Thin Natural Stone (0,8cm)

-       Refurbishing wooden staircases

-       Tile works

-       Laying tiles in thick mortar

-       Window sills

-       Bathroom renovation

-       Complete restoration of old buildings

Refining your prestige object, alternatively with engraving your company logo or family crest

2.    Real Estate

We are a young and innovated company that aims to make the world of its customers more beautiful, exclusive, and worth living in. We will modernize your property and increase the value by up to 50%.

Let us beautify your home!

Treat yourself to the luxury of a new, innovative Technology:

Real Granite in Ultra Light Weight (0.8cm thin)

- Does not weight more than an plywood board

- Precise measurements

- Immediately accessible

- Per request with engraved, photo, or family crest

- Flexible use: stairs, floors, wall decorating (per request with Lights), bathroom finishing, kitchen countertops, and closet doors

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Everyone knows of Natural Stone. With the quality of the material come a heavy weight and the toughness to process it. For this reason, we have teamed up with the best and are now realizing your dreams of the highest standard thanks to our lightweight construction.

With our technique you can keep your old, wooden stairs but save time and construction debris. Therefore you get a high quality stairway in the shortest possible time, which is immediately accessible.

Impress your clients, guests, visitors, family, and yourself. Just contact us!

Our Motto

As a modern service company, good service is top priority for us. It is our aim to keep our clients happy from the start because we are only satisfied when you are.

3.    Yachts and Caravans

We are flexible – are you?

Do you want to restorate or rebuild your boat or caravan, but you do not know how? Do you not just want to limit yourself to wood? Due to the weight and thickness of our Ultra Light Granite, we have the possibility to create your Prestige Object according to your wishes. There are no limits to your Imagination.

Your benefits at a glance:

-       Restoration in short time

-       Immediately accessible / usable

-       By request with included Company Logo / Family Crest

-       Environmentally friendly

-       Suitable for all weather conditions

-       Weight-saving / Comparative calculation:

Kitchen countertops in normal granite:

Dimensions 90cm x 200cm (35.4in x 78.7in) / 4cm (1.6in) thick

Weight 187Kg (412.3 lbs.)

Kitchen countertops in Ultra Light Granite:

Dimensions 90cm x 200cm (35.4in x 78.7in) / 4cm (1.6in) thick

Weight 37,5Kg (82.7lbs)

4. Contact us

We would be pleased to send you an individual offer. Please describe your project briefly and we will contact you as soon as possible.